Thursday, December 29, 2011


[adj. without preparation]

There's more than one way of looking at anything, of course, so you might say that this post isn't extemporaneous at all. (Even so, extemporaneous is a lovely word.) I've been blogging in various place, mostly collected here for years. And I've been thinking that I really should get back on the blogging wagon for a couple of weeks now. On the other hand, I'd taken long enough that I thought I could just make blogging a new year's resolution and leave it till then. That's a really awful excuse, though. There won't be a magical motivation increase when the number on the calendar changes and I'm as likely to keep up blogging from right now as from January 2012. So here I am.

Perhaps it's suitable to fill up the first post with an explanation of what I'm doing here. Partly, I'm thinking in narrative and finding a corralling ground for the words in my head. Partly, I just really like blogs. I read them and I think it would be cool to write one. I've been a regular blogger before; I can be one again. I just have to decide that I'm going to do it. Partly, uni is in recess for summer vacation and my fingers are itching to pick up some projects. Perhaps most importantly, I'm starting to hit that stage of life where there are people who I used to see plenty of without even trying, and now I'll have to make an effort to stay in touch. Friends moving to other cities, other countries, other places. Family staying behind in the new home, while we move back to the other new house in the old city.

Hence, blog. I'd love to be one of those exciting bloggers who posts about random adventures alongside excellent photography. I'm more likely to be the geeky girl in the corner writing "Oh my goodness! Did you know that the only integers with rational square roots are the perfect squares? I worked out a proof for it!". I think it was Mark Twain who recommended being oneself, everybody else being taken. It's not a bad idea, really. So this is me: long winded, rambling, and excessively excited about mathematics. I might even post about my Sunday School lessons.

You have been warned.

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