Saturday, February 4, 2012


Despite appearance, I am neither dead nor gone. I'm landing. Working out how to cook for two. Working out how four people with three cars can share a single garage. Hoping that the university internet will be a little more reliable once the registration hordes have faded.

Lectures start on Monday morning. In preparation, I have worked out my timetable. I haven't worked out my lecture venues yet. Or labelled my files. Or actually registered for the extra elective which is making my timetable look as scary as it does. (There are six timetable blocks, running 07:45 - 17:30, Monday to Friday. I have  courses in five of those blocks.) I most certainly haven't looked over last years notes so that I'm ready to pick up where we left off, or more than half thought about doing that so-lauded preparatory reading for any of my courses.

Probably, none of that is necessary. Certainly, it's more important that I know how to work the kitchen of the house we're staying in, that I've got the best route from the fridge to the supermarket and back worked out, that I've met the lovely people who are helping our church youth group get organised again, that I'm working out how to do the things I do 'just for fun', but which are really rather important to my sanity.

So tonight I'm going to work out how to make handwritten file tags look just as snazzy as computer-designed ones. I'm going to work on the Baltic myth I'm retelling for a deviantART contest/project. (I don't expect to win, but I want to enter anyway.) I'll have a go at cooking for one, since my sister and partner-in-crimeooking is going out.

Nothing fancy; nothing tragic; nothing exciting, perhaps. But life is taking shape. Sometimes the drama is in the details.

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