Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Five

1. We (the family) watched Part I of The Lord of the Rings tonight. For the first time. Not because we live under a rock (though I sometimes wonder about that), but because the movie can't live up to the book, a.k.a. the actual (possibly historical?) events. It was fun nonetheless and may push me into actually rereading the book for the umpteenth time, but the first in several years, for which: hurrah!

2. I miss having a really good public library close to where I live, as when growing up. I think I need to join the okay library in town and figure out some not-too-heavy public domain books to put on my Kindle app to combat this.

3. "But Charlotte," you say, "a soft copy book has no mass, so it can't be heavy." Or perhaps you don't, because you're strange. (That means "not like me," right?) I'm pretty sure there's some kind of literary field, akin to the Higgs, that means books can be heavy even when they aren't massive. That's how it works. Happy now? (Oh, you weren't unhappy to begin with? Strange.)

4. Hmm, I wonder if that field applies to bookbags too. I'm trying to sew one, but having a little trouble with the machine. I'm told I need to adjust the tension, but even when I get really tense, it doesn't work like I expect. Perhaps tomorrow I'll try twiddling the dial on the side of the machine.

5. It's great fun to have time for so many holiday projects. Hopefully a few can linger on into termtime, but even if they don't, hurrah for the chance to have such a thorough break before throwing myself back into the crazy, delightful whirlpool of the new semester.

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