Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Miscellany

1. I posted recentlyish about knowing "nothing", largely prompted by the fact that some of the papers I'm reading for my honours project go way over my head. I also ended up emailing my supervisor to say "Wah! I don't know any stats!" (But in more grown up language, 'cause I'm boring like that.) He helpfully sent me an open source stats textbook. After reading about half of it, I was thinking "No, I know all of this. I meant the other stats." Oops. The second half of the book has been more helpful/new, but I suspect I'll need yet another book after that. So many things to know!

2. Easter was awesome. Easter is awesome. Something like that. And Easter hymns are amazing. Something in the music and the physicalness of really singing it out captures the wonder and excitement that is so hard to maintain through the year, but so much what Easter is about. He is risen! We are forgiven! He is risen!

3. In the sermon on Good Friday, our minister pointed out that Jesus was hated - and crucified - for showing love. I'm not sure how often I want to be liked more than I want to show love (and act on that). More often than I should. But at the same time it's definitely not right to alienate people. It's a tricksy topic, but one worth thinking about, I think.

4. I discovered that Google Reader was shutting down from my sister, who actually spends enough time on a computer (with internet) to use it regularly. I also discovered from her that there's a Feedly mobile app which works quite well. And now I have a feedreader on my phone (which, in fact, I really like). I haven't been so informed in months.

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